Yet Another CodinGame Stats page

Hi Coders,

Yes, Magus and Royale made available their own very useful bunch of CG stats, but they are more oriented on multiplayer puzzles, and I know that there are people like me who still need to track their solo puzzle progression.

That’s what my tool is about : Knowing which genuine puzzle you’ve achieved (100%) and in which langage (because it’s always difficult to find it out when you often switch from one langage to another)


So, this tool should be considered in Beta. Please give me your thoughts, suggestions, bug reports, and so on…

(By the way, the possibilities of the tool may look limited, but keep in mind that there is no need to be connected or to get your ID to check for private informations…)



It would be nice to have the puzzle names in English.

Good point ! I will check that, sorry for my regionality :slight_smile:

I just test it with @Magus profile: it is said that he hasn’t solved any hard/expert problems while he obviously has.

I tried with Royale, the hard and expert problems appear as solved but some medium not.

Apart from that, very nice app :slight_smile:

looks interesting.
If someone used lots of different languages in one section (say easy puzzles) there will appear a second page.
When going to that second page and then changing the category (say medium), it will still show the second page, although there weren’t used that many languages.

Well, I just checked that, and he seems to have solved all of the hard puzzles :

As a matter of fact, I was working on the page yesterday, so maybe you fell down into a temporary non-working state.

@eulerscheZahl : Good point. Fixed

The tool has be improved.
It is now possible to add several players (up to 6), and compare their results.

For example, let’s look at the king of the hill contest : Royale vs Magus

Have fun…

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Again, the tool has been improved.
There is now an indicator telling if any puzzle has been solved at 50% or 100% by the player (puzzle solved at 50% are not shown in the langage columns because the information is not available anywhere in CG site)

I hope some of you enjoy the tool…

EDIT : (CG : why aren’t the image working anymore, 8 days after uploading ?)

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If anybody cares (I’m not sure if there’s many people using it anyway, around here…), the tool now show for how many time the puzzles has been solved (in a tooltip) and show the puzzles solved for less than a month.

Since i have all solo puzzle at 100% and nearly all achievements, i don’t use it sorry :smiley:
If one day i want to solve community puzzles, i’ll use it !

Yeah Magus, I know that most of the top players have achieved most of the solo puzzles.

Anyway, it’s not the case for most of us, and my tool is at least very useful for me and some of my friends, so it’s self-sufficient. :slight_smile:

Your tool is far beyond “very useful”. I had save lot of my time if i had it when i was doing the achievements :frowning:

I confirm, I just discovered the tool and it’ll help me a lot to achieve the 100% (almost all the Hard & Expert to go :persevere: ) !!
==> Thanks guys !!

The tool has entierely been rewritten, to be much faster.
Actually, it stores the results on a local database, so that the navigation is lightning fast. Also a new background refreshing system is not so bad (imho).

Good job @Orabig