Built-in help for IDE keyboard shortcuts?

I know there exist resources, like the introductory wizard or the 15 Tips to Make the Most of the CodinGame Platform article, that give some hints on the available platform keyboard shortcuts (like e. g. Ctrl+Enter for running a test case). But is there a chance that shortcuts would appear in the IDE screen directly? I think this could make users even more happy with this already great platform.

I can imagine two less or more simple implementations, or a combination of them:

a) Add a small button that shows the list of available shortcuts. And ideally also link to the page describing shortcuts of the code editor.
b) When hovering over a button, show its associated shortcut in a popup. This could also include controls of the (video) player.

Inspiration: The CodeCombat where they implement the variant b).

BTW In CC they also have explicit shortcuts for controlling the (video) player - Ctrl+P for (un)pausing, and Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] for rewinding. AFAIK here in CG, one needs to use mouse for those, while left and right arrows for rewinding work only until the player loses focus, of course…

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There are some IDE shortcuts. You can view them with CTRL+P.
The forum post you’ve linked at the end is outdated (CodinGame switched from ACE to Monaco as editor).

For replays you can use the hotkeys you know from video platforms (space to pause/resume and left/right arrow key).
Make sure to focus the replay first if you don’t open it in a new tab.

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Hi, thanks for your quick response. :slight_smile:

Nice trick, I didn’t know or forgot that actions not related directly to the code editor are listed there as well.

So is the linked article, it seems. For me, this is another reason for having hints incorporated directly in the IDE screen. What do you think?

Yeah, that’s close to what I wrote. My suggestion here is to get rid of the “focus dependency” somehow though, but I see that this is probably a topic for another thread…