IDE Keyboard Shortcut List


Is there a “master list” of all the keyboard shortcuts for using the IDE (editing or otherwise) somewhere?

If not, could people contribute the ones they’ve used often and found helpful?

So far, I’ve discovered the following for Classic mode on Windows.

  • Tab : Insert indent on currently selected lines
  • Shift+Tab : Remove one layer of indentation on currently selected lines
  • Ctrl+A : Select all text in the IDE
  • Ctrl+/ : Toggle line comment on selected lines
  • Ctrl+Shift+/ : Toggle block comment on selected lines
  • Ctrl+D : Smart delete the currenttly selected lines
  • Ctrl+Shift+D : Duplicate the currently selected lines
  • Ctrl+(Z/Y) : Un/redo action
  • Ctrl+(X/C/V) : The usual cut/copy/paste
  • Ctrl+F : Find a word or phrase
  • Ctrl+H : Find and replace a word or phrase
  • Ctrl+Shift+M : Smart select all text between the current brace and its respective close
  • Ctrl+Backspace : Delete until the start of the line (but preserve the line itself)
  • Ctrl+K : Go to next instance of currently selected word? (Just discovered this one, so not sure)
  • Ctrl+L : Go to specified line number
  • Ctrl+Shift+L : Select next entire line?


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Do you know if it is possible to save user settings?
Using Ctrl+, I usually uncheck “Use Soft Tabs” but it does not remember it when I launch a new IDE.

Thanks @SaiksyApo, that’s exactly what I was looking for :smile:

The info about “CTRL + ,” is really helpful since it opens the “hidden” menu which allows tuning the IDE.
Could someone please put some shortcut into the Settings? Right where you can pick the Edit mode like Classic, Emacs and Vim. If an option is not possible then at least a “?” which outputs some text like: “To customize the IDE press …”.