Clash of Code : Bugs & Improvement

I second scauler’s suggestion.

another minor nitpick:
the text still reads “Join a 5min coding battle!”

anyone ever had a 5min one? all i get are 15mins… (which is perfect for me!)


I consider some clashes to be very annoying.

Many of them were up-voted, approved and went through contribution acceptance process, but it seems that they are not liked.

How about removing some of the clashes in post acceptance process based on “Fun” and feedback ratings?

Simple solution: after 6 months “Fun” rating is check and if mean in below ‘**’ (two stars) it is removed.

there is already a bot which removes unliked contributions:

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Oh, indeed.
I didn’t see that and I guess I have a bit different clash expectations :wink:

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No, it’s not about me. Something is really wrong with clash acceptance and rating:
clash link

Copy-pasting is a valid stratagy.
Even more, it’s a good stratagy. You can learn things by copying

Sorry I strongly disagree, because people copy stuff without understanding it. And after they say they are CoC champions.
If you adapt some code to use it in a different problem, that’s called Implementing, and that’s a very good learning chance.
If you understand what you do.

Maybe we are talking about different things here.
Just copying someone elses solution and getting the results is bad.
Combining code written by others is good most of the time.
Sitting 15 minutes trying to figure out how to find all of the prime numbers in java in Shortest mode without googling and then loosing and feel frustration is bad.

1 Who cares about winning? The point is getting fun while learning
2 Java is NOT fit for shortest mode. Learn a compact language if you want shorter results.
3 Nobody says that you cannot google-up things or read your own previous code.

My proposal was to disable Paste commands so that one must actually TYPE in the code, thus having a similar time as people who didn’t have a source to copy from.
The latter could actually win because they don’t lose time to google-up or search for files, moving people from “i win because i saved all solutions in my database (even if i don’t understand them)” to “i win because i remember all algorithms and my problem-solving skills are faster”.

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I’m new here and maybe there is some good way to search here that I have not found. So sorry if this has been asked before.

Why is it that on fastest mode 0% solutions get a shared position regardless of time. (2 people may have position 7 for instance)
But in shortest mode 0% solutions are internally sorted on “shortness”? So that the winner of a room might be a 0% solution with 9 chars for instance.

See this room for example: Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better

Is there a reason for this difference? I don’t see any benefit in this current behavior?

When the clash is on, it would be nice to see what languages opponents are using.

Concerning the last point, the solution is simple: wait until the end of the time to submit your solution since the objective is not to finish first but to have the most concise solution.

Moreover, in the faster and reverse modes, you take the rule well into account since you submit quickly but at the expense of the beauty and/or the conciseness of the program.

[IMPROVEMENT] I’d love to continue working on a problem after the clash has completed. I can think of two options that would enable this:

  • Add the puzzle Title to the results page so that we can look up the puzzle at CG Puzzle search
  • Add a puzzle Link to the results page so that we can navigate directly back to the puzzle.

I believe that this is a fairly common feature request in the forums and in chat, so I want to voice my support. Thanks.


Adding mine as well :raised_hands:

@_CG_ClementHammel Indeed I think this is a bug. The treatment should be consistent.

My recent clash results still show the same issue.

For example, in this Reverse Mode clash, the ranking is the same for all players who pass 0% of the cases, no matter what time they end the clash:

However, in this Shortest Mode clash, the players who pass 0% of the cases have different rankings:

When in a private Clash it would be good to be able to Play Again with the same group without having to start a new private clash.

can’t edit this contribution: Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better
and can’t test it in the IDE too
Not a big problem, tests don’t cover all cases, but still strange that can’t be changed

You should be able to do so. The website is prone to issues in this contest period, maybe you can try again later? If you still can’t edit it, please provide details of the messages you see and/or screenshots. (For me, the TEST IN IDE button works fine, and I can also click the EDIT button to get to the edit interface without problem.)

yep, can do it now

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