Clash of Code Feedback

Hello everyone,
The various modes in clash of code are interesting. But the smallest code size mode is ridiculous because no one can beat python and ruby coders in this mode.
In one game, one of the coders solved the smallest code problem in 14 seconds! (in Ruby).

I could not even read the question completely in 14 seconds!

My suggestion is that we should be competing with same programming languages (java vs java coders, python vs python and so on), so there is fair competition.

Another issue is that sometimes I cannot solve a problem in CoC, and I cannot view the solution unless the other coder shared his/her code.
Specially in reverse mode, if I could not understand what to do, there is no way to know it unless someone share their solution.

The clash of code page lists the purpose of it as follows:

What’s the purpose?
:star: Improve your problem-solving skills
:star: Learn from other people’s code
:star: Practice coding interview questions

How can we “Learn from other people’s code” if they do not share it?
It would be better if we don’t need to share our code and still anyone would be able to see it. Afterall, I don’t think there would be anything to hide our code from others?

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A reasonable request, but in the instance of clash of code… You never know which language you will choose.

For example, I will favour ruby in some cases, but in others, bash, python, perl are far better.

So, the next best thing is to participate in the code golf challenges under the competition bar so that you can get a language specific leaderboard. As for the time…
People clash a lot, so they probably knew the problem after the first few words, Do 500+ clashes and you will also reach the same level of expertise.

And in terms of sharing, some of the puzzles are where language specific tricks are required, so they may not want to share these tricks as puzzles are repetitive, but if there are any tougher CoCs, you will find that most people do share their code.

Good Luck,


Thank you very much for the reply.

My suggestion was to allow the user to choose which language he wants to code in, and compete among the same language choosers.

But thinking about it now, I understand that it might be tedious to create separate challenges for each of the languages, if that’s how it is done!

Regarding the time, I did not know that clash of code problems are repeated. How often does it happen? I mean, does it repeat weekly / monthly or is it random?

I also wish that I could choose the type of clash I want to participate in. Sometimes, I get reverse mode in a row, and I start to dislike CoC!

The main issue with creating rooms per language is that it would increase the time to find opponents, especially for low-used languages.

Even though new puzzles are created and validated by the community, the pool of Clash puzzles is not infinite, so if you play a lot, you’ll start getting the same problems.

We’ve thought about making the players’ solutions visible by default but we’re not sure it’s a good idea.

Regarding the possibility to choose the mode, we’re working on this right now, but for private Clash lobbies. You’ll also be able to set the languages in such lobbies.


I think everyone would like it.
May I know why it may not be a good idea?

I faced the same problem at the beginning in clash of code against python coders as i only use Java and c and it is impossible to beat python in smallest code with java except if you are the only one that solve the problem.

But after a lot of game, i am able to beat them in reverse mode or fastest mode and sometimes in Shortest mode, just pratice a lot and you will get the reflex to submit quickly but anyway dont look at the rank just code to improve your coding skills.

Btw i dont see the interest of reverse mode, we want to code not to solve an enigm(sometimes not very clear)


I think it is better to let it like that
Not everyone Want to share theirs codes and sometimes i dont want to show mine too for some reasons.

If you dont find a puzzle, take a screenshot of it and take your time after to figure out what is the solution

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