Clash of Code survey - Moderation System

Continuing the work on improving the current moderation system (thread here: Contribution guidelines), I’ve set up a survey for CoC only:

CoC moderation system survey

Don’t hesitate to report to me any bug in the form. I’ll send it by email to CoC players.

Also, if you’d like to discuss the topic, feel free to do it here. It’s a bit linked to the previous thread, but I preferred to restart a thread since this one deals only with CoC.


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Here are the results of the survey:

Quick takeways:

  • Players like Clash of Code a lot (7.8/10)
  • Difficulty is just fine: average of 5 where 1 is too easy and 10 is too hard.
  • Too easy Clash of Code exercises should not be refused (60% vs 25%)
  • Moderators should agree on duplicates on a per case basis (67% vs 20%)

Following these results, and a few observations, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Update the guidelines to take into account the community opinion regarding too easy exercises and duplicates.
  • Remove the 15 XP reward related to the refusal/approval vote of a puzzle (no retroactivity).
  • Add a non-skippable comment at refusal/approval to push moderators to explain their votes.
  • Any moderator abusing their power will see their moderation rights removed (after a warning from me).

As always, feedback is welcomed.


Interesting results.

My only welcomed feedback would be to point out the selection bias in your first bullet (players like CoC a lot).


Here is mine: 282 responses :joy:

Like JBM said : “Players who makes the effort to fill a CoC survey likes CoC a lot”. Not very surprising :smiley:

Try to make a survey on CodinGame and send it only to CodinGame players. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a 90% on the question “Do you like CodinGame ?”.