Clash of code - Try out after clash is over / search clash of code

Is there a way to keep coding after the timeout in clash of code?
P.S: I don’t mean to submit after the timeout. I would like to complete the challenge and need not affect the clash standings.


No, you can’t.

But why it’s impossible, What a barbaric. After trend of “Clash of Code should be hard” it makes more sense. Sometimes in last 2-3 minutes I face with a very hard choice, start to copy examples and answers or try to solve it.

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Currently after 15 min times out it automatically exits IDE. Which is flustrating when you’re still working on solution. Like you should scrap your work even if you are close to finish.

My idea is to let players stay in IDE, allowing to testing and pass submit tests for own satisfaction. Without ranking score. Timer let you know the time is over for ranking solution, but you can continue IDE as long as you want. Many cases are too hard to finish in 15 min, but is so interesting you want to finish them and check your final results even outside of contest


I agree, it would be nice to have some option to stay in the IDE after clash timeout. Maybe popup meesagebox with meaning: “Do you want to stay and solve the problem with no score”, or additional button “Submit current solution and stay in IDE”


Yeah, that would be awesome, more when you are actually trying to learn and not to score, it’s sad when you want to learn and keep trying and you just can’t :C

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OMG someone in the chat told me how to do it :scream:
You have to remember some key word from the title or the description of the challenge and look for it here

Then press in “view contribution on CodinGame”, then in the website press “Test in IDE

That way you can practice it forever :heart_eyes:


Hi everybody, i’ve been playing a lot of clash of code lately.
And i’ve been missing a functionnality to fully profit and learn from other coder finding better solutions than mine.
Indeed whenever i didn’t get 100¨% or created a code in a way messier way than the other coder, i always try to learn from them, but sometimes i don’t fully understandwhat their code do, so i want to try to decypher them on my own.
The problem is after a clash of code is finished , i cannot acces the input anymore.
Specifically, I bumped on a clash of code about reading sheet music written with dashes and 0 , and i’m unable to recreate the same kind of input since it had a clef (treble or bass) and i’m unable to draw them from memory.
One person managed to code it perfectly and i didn’t , and i wanted to understand their code better because right now is almost gibberish.
Is there a way to acces it or should this be implemented into the website ?

your link doesn’t work

The app went down after Heroku cancelled their free plan a while ago. You may use instead.


Thank you so much :pray:

I am not sure in what thread to post this question: I just played a COC, and would like to make a remark at it’s contribution page. How can I find back what clash it was? (or should I have looked during solving for the name of the author, and is that info not accessible after a clash?)

You’ll have to memorise/write down/take a screenshot of whatever info you can get during the clash. I’m not aware of any method for you to get it after the clash.

Ah shame. It was an intended reverse clash (no explanation), but I had to play it fastest mode (only first case visible). I think that is a mistake.