Code4Life in multi


This week, I am enjoying the code4life challenge.
This challenge is different from the others and allows several different gameplay.
Even if it’s a partnership with a company, I would like it to go into multi after the end.

Have fun


I second the motion.


As i see it, i think CodinGame want to create a multiplayer puzzle game with Code4Life. If they can’t do it, it’s likely because of a contract/legal reason between them and Roche. They can’t really bypass it like that.

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That’s true, but maybe Roche could reconsider after seeing the feedback?
Release as multi = long-term publicity, can’t hurt.


We will make sure to communicate your enthusiasm to Roche. We’re glad you’re liking the game. I personally enjoy it a lot as well :slight_smile:

I don’t know about the specifics in the Roche contract. I guess that the more likes to Chapel post, the more likely Roche will consider adding the game as a permanent multi…


+1 from me. I don’t expect to be able to do too much more before the end of the contest, and yet I still feel as though I’ve only begun to explore the problem space. :slight_smile:

  • danBhentschel

It’s definitely a different kind of challenge from any of the others… a worthwhile addition to the site if it could be managed.

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I would also appreciate if this contest becomes a multi.

It’s my first experience on here, and I’m really enjoying it. +1

I really hope it will be added. I wish I had more time with this game!

Oh yes! Please, this game in multi !

Yes, it would be a really a good news if this contest becomes a multi. It was really fun and i have so much work to do to improve it!

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I would appreciate it. There is still a lot to explore with this game! :grinning:

+1 to transform this contest in multi

Please, please, please, make it a multi game

I am also 100% for the multi :slight_smile:
It is really a nice competition and still have much to do :smile:
Hope it will last

+1 for me in multi. There are some things to test in that sort of problem.

+1 awesome contest

+1 brilliant contest, not too hard, not too easy, easy to get started.

+1 I want to implement a steal molecule feature.