Code4Life in multi

+1 it would be a shame to throw away a decent multi

yes, I have plenty of ideas to recode from scratch and do better (maybe)

Me too :slight_smile: Please let us finish the unfinished !

+1, awesome contest, would be great to continue in multi.

I’m So AgReE!!! ThIs PoSt DeSeRvEs MuCh MoRe LiKeS!!!

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If they cannot bring this game back, I hope that they will be make a new game based on the same principle. Maybe something about a board game where you have to pick cards, go to another place to reveal them. A revealed card can be discarded but anyone can pick it back.
Then you have to pick ressources to “produce” the card.

It was the best game in a long time, so it would be a shame if it cannot be added to the multi.

+1 Complex and nice contest, please make it a multi!

+1 I hope Roche will love our enthusiasm

+1 it would be great!

+1 please make it real :slight_smile:

Adding my +1 because I want to play more with this game too!

+1 for the multi! :slight_smile:

+1 from me and I agree with Razielwar; I was left with the feeling of a lot left to do. I still go to bed thinking of what could be improved :smiley: .

long likes = 0;
while( !multi.Contains("Code4Life") )
  likes +=1;

I think Chapel’s post breaks all records in Likes.
This is a good time to release Code4Life as multiplayer. Otherwise it will be delayed and forgotten in the to-do pile.

And if Roche prefer not to release it, maybe the game can be recreated with another theme:

  • Code4Food: No, it’s not programmer’s life :smile:. It will be about chefs cooking recipes.
  • Coders & Cauldrons: Another pun, but for D&D. 2 Wizards earning mana by creating potions on a cauldron.

I’m sure that if CG’s staff don’t have time the community could help.


+1 for me too. I’ve really like this one.

+1 I liked the contest very much. Would be great if it comes back to multiplayer.

+1, it would be fine :wink:

+1, because i hate missing out on great content

i didn’t even know about this site back then D:

Someone in CG have some news about it ?
This contest was one of the best to me, it would be really cool if Roche agreed to let you release it on multi
(sorry about my english)

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Who do I have to sleep with for this to happen? God, I hope it’s a girl this time…

Some sort of feedback would be nice though, because a long time passed and all we see is “+1” posts… Is it even possible?