[Community Puzzle] ASCII Art The Drunken Bishop Algorithm

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Created by @Eulero314,validated by @McKael,@schubc and @1ns4n3.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.

Why is this puzzle tagged as “Bin Packing”?

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:wave: Hi to All :slight_smile: , and thanks to @Eulero314 (and @Mckael, @schubc & @1ns4n3) for this funny Ascii-Art puzzle :+1: !
→ I get pleasure in this Bishop displacement algo :wink: …
For those interested, i shared my code : some would review and upvote ?
Thanks for your idea.
Have :sun_with_face: sun, fun and :keyboard: :computer: Codin’Games :handshake: !

Thanks @Jp82 for your feedback!

one has to know what is your language in order to find and review and upvote what thou shared

I did it in C# :wink: …
→ Bellow the direct link to my shared solution (i don’t known if it will work for you :thinking: !)

Another outstanding puzzle from @Eulero314! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks @Timinator !

Hi, I did it in python but only validator 1 is failed althoug the result is good. Can someone give me a hint on why I cannot pass validator 1 ? @Eulero314

here is my Python code:

[Mod edit: please do not post your code here]

Please avoid posting your code on the forum.

Error of your code for validator 1:

IndexError: index 17 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 17
at Answer.py. in on line 131

sorry for pasting code, thanks for the answer.
However i don’t understand the error as my indexes doesnt go over 16.
could you hint me more?

The console shows that error. That means an index of 17 does show up somehow during the execution of your code. Please check again how that may happen while that is not your intention.

Something’s wrong with the displacement function in your code.

Does anyone happen to know what validator 4 is testing for? All my test cases pass and I’ve tried changing code to get it to pass, but I don’t know what I should be changing.

Similar to Test 4, in Validator 4 there are many movements along the sides and at one of the corners.

Hello, first of all, thank you for this challenge :wink:
Validator 1 & 4 failed with my code : can you say me what are the errors, please ?

We don’t know what the errors are based on what you’ve written :thinking:

I’ve mentioned above what Validator 4 looks like. So, I’ll just talk about Validator 1: its input is exactly the same as Test 1, except for one single character.

Thank you, I just found my error and validate all tests :partying_face:
It’s a very cool challenge :hugs:, I really enjoy it !!

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Hello !

I’m trying this puzzle, and I don’t understand a part of this. I’m not familiar with “bits considaration” so, I’m lost !

Then, break the 128 bit fingerprint in input into pairs of bits that define 4 possible moves:
00: up-left (:arrow_upper_left: North West )
01: up-right (:arrow_upper_right: North East)
10: down-left(:arrow_lower_left: South West)
11: down-right (:arrow_lower_right: South East)
During the 64 steps of the algorithm, the bit pairs are processed byte-wise, from left to right and least significant bits first.

Is there any website which can help me ? I tried to search with Google, but my keywords aren’t good enough…

Thank you !

There are some links at the end of the statement. Do they (especially the third link) help you?