[Community Puzzle] Breach


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Created by @BenjaminUrquhart,validated by @Fluttershy,@dbdr and @dwarfie.
If you have any issues, feel free to ping them.


I’ve made a few “small” changes:

  • Fixed typo in attribution
  • The time limit per turn is now 50ms (100ms for ss_asc). Trust me, you don’t need 200ms.

I think the statement needs more info on the ss_con. The input is “series, state machine, 1”. I have cracked all the other locks so I am guessing that the ss_con’s input is a “series” of 1-letter representing the state machines as colors. But what format do you expect for series ? I don’t want to try every unbelievable things until it works. Is this a b c d e f or a, b, c, d, e, f or [a, b, c, d, e, f] or abcdef … ?

I’ll give you this much: you are only expected to output a single character per turn on ss_con.
The only other thing I’m going to share is a screenshot of its “unlocked” state:

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Thanks for the tip. Once I realized the r and g and the OFFLINE/ONLINE it was easy.


I am trying to do the challenge, and i’m dealing with code colors. I am supposing I have to print some text in RED for example, but I don’t know how to do that. I have tried modules and some old school like ’ \033[1;31;40m'… I think a tip would be nice, unless i have missed something but I really don’t know how.

Tip: none of the puzzles require you to color the output.

Ok thank you,
I finally figured it out :wink:

I kind disagree… am seeing the exact same colors here but with the text OFFLINE. Is the solution changed since sept '19?

The test case solutions are randomly generated (I believe this is the only puzzle to do so). I know, it kind of defeats the purpose of a “test case,” but I made this a year ago and I wasn’t enlightened then.

Could I get a hint for ss_colv?
The Goal says this lock expects an input type str.
How many characters?
Thanks for any assistance.

Varying length.

I forgot this contribution still existed tbh.


See this post: [Community Puzzle] Breach

I finally succeeded ! (It was just a small mistake in my code, but I had the right solution). It was an interesting challenge, thanks !
PS : a part of my trouble is due to my colorblindness ^^

Just finished this challenge, I loved this so much!

It took a lot of guesswork a decent degree of cursing, but it was so much fun!

Hell of a job mr. @BenjaminUrquhart , thank you!

Thanks, surprised it hasn’t crashed again yet tbh

What an unconventional puzzle! A spiritual predecessor of Coding Escape?
There were a bit more trial-and-error involved than I prefer, but it is a fun concept overall.

For me ss_con (Literal Lock) took the most time, because of my false assumption of having to output a color code…

It would have been fun to attack ss_asc (The fun has just begun) with a neural network pre-trained on the MNIST dataset, but I took the simpler approach. :slight_smile:

Just finished it, very refreshing !

The funny thing is that it doesn’t require expert programming knowledge at all.
Every riddle, once you understand what’s going on, can be automated with the kind of algorithm you find in the easy section.

So everyone can give it a try :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to solve this puzzle, and I have trouble with the ss_con one. I can get to the online state, but I don’t know what to output then.

I love this puzzle though, fun reverse engineering little problems, and the random test cases are maybe contradictory with the purpose of test cases, but makes the puzzle more interactive too!

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It’s the trickiest one cause you don’t have much information about the output format.

The goal is to activate all links from left to right (they become green when activated).
Try to output whatever you think of until it activates the first link, and then you can figure out the whole process.
Edit: I read your message too fast, if you reached the online state it’s almost over, you only need one last output. Try everything that comes to mind.