Community puzzles updates

Tag the obvious categories, not the trick (but, why not, a tricky category).

yes and also multiplayer games


Ok. It’s good.

I think it would make more sense to auto close 30 days after the last update or comment. As long as it receives updates and the creator is doing stuff, there is no point of closing it.

This could stop people from resubmitting the same “unchanged” puzzles.


Why not a minor update check box?
It will prevent a contribution to come back up in the list.

I just solved a community puzzle, and got no XP for it. Is this an expected change with the migration?

You get 50XP for each, but it’s easy to solve 3 (very) hard ones and get XP for these achievements now.

Have you gotten one of those 50XP since the update?

No, but @Essigautomat did and told me.

I just got the “3 hard” and “3 very hard” archievement points from the migration. I can’t confirm if you still get 50 xp from the community puzzles after the update :open_mouth:

Well I’m claiming I just solved one and was denied the XP.

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Me and @Toad_of_Kutulu reproduced your problem. I did’t get the xp either!

You could auto adjust the difficulty based on success rate so that published puzzles move automatically.
It can sometimes be very hard to put a puzzle in a category.

Is there any news on the xp situation? I have solved a few community puzzlesand hope to solve more given this new development!

According to this forum post, it will be a few days/weeks until they finish the current experiment.

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Not all puzzles can be edited? I cannot find the VIEW CONTRIBUTION link. For example,®!

The first three examples above aren’t listed on this page either:
The last example curiously has a different name shown on the page, with an additional space before the exclamation mark.

There are still very old puzzles and CoC that can’t be edited even by their creator.

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We’ll look into the XP issue.

@Chingmann : @nicola1 is right, there are some very old puzzles that can’t be edited. We’ll take care of them. Thank you for reporting it.


edit: I might have been a bit too eager as the fix hasn’t been released yet, but soon :grimacing:

The XP issue is solved now. For those who missed the 50 XP when solving community puzzles in the previous day, you can resubmit the same code to obtain it.


I’ve resubmitted the one from Community puzzles updates and received the XP indeed.

But subsequently I’ve also solved two new ones (brackets ultimate and de-fizzbuzzer) and got nothing in return. They happen to be one of my own and one I’ve approved, but we did use to get XP for those as well, so this is unexpected.

Update: seems like someone’s been submitting my own code on my account behind my back. But at least it gave me the XP this time. Thanks.

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Thanks. This problem impacts only new puzzles and should be fixed soon. Meanwhile, we gave you the XP.