Community update: new job position

Hello everyone,

I’ll be leaving CodinGame at the beginning of August, after more than 6 years as the first and only community manager here (I joined CG just before Smash the Code). This was a new challenge for me after having been a Java developer for 5 years at Amadeus.

What an honor! Such a vibrant community with passionate people. I’d have liked to know and meet more of you.

So much has happened in 6 years. So many extraordinary coding events and great memories.

From the Accountant event with Warner Bros, to Code4Life with Roche, to the community contests, to Unleash the Geek with Amadeus to the Spring & Fall challenges, and more recently Green Circle with Societe Generale…

I know that, for many of you, CodinGame is just a platform of coding puzzles and games, but trust me, it’s much much more.
During these 6 years, as a startup, we’ve tested many things: sponsored contests,, Coding Escape, the sourcing feature… Our small 20-person startup has became profitable, and last year, merged with CoderPad. Today, counting CoderPad, it employs around one hundred great people, who serve thousands of customers worldwide.

I also know that, some decisions have been difficult to hear regarding the growth of the community platform, with less and less focus. Be sure that I’ve always been your biggest ally on these. I’ve cared about the platform and I’ve cared about the people.

I’m leaving but the community lives on, with another hire to replace me and prepare the future of the CG community.

CodinGame wants to keep investing to build exclusive tech content and help millions of developers to improve their skill. If you are interested in owning the CodinGame platform and its product strategy, you can apply here: Senior Product Manager job position

Meanwhile, Loick (CodinGame CEO) will be your main point of contact.

Also, stay tuned for our next tech online conferences and videos, organized by Mathis. (Next one is on July 29)

Thank you to all people who have helped to improve the platform and to make the community a great place: moderators, contributors, helpers, and friendly players :heart:


I hope this means you got a new job you wanted (this isn’t clear from your post). If so congratulations.

It still makes me a little sad to see you go. From my point of view you’ve always been great for the CodinGame community. Goodbye and good luck to you @_CG_Thibaud !


I’ve not yet found another job. The decision to leave was mine and I’m happy with it: I’m looking for different challenges now.

Thank you for your kind words, it means a lot!


hum, next tech online conferences and videos is on July 29 :grinning:


Will miss you a lot.
Also will miss your starcraft icon a lot. You’re the soul of this community.


Wait, was that not a real photo? I thought all the user icons were real. E.g. I always envied you @java_coffee_cup for having a real armor…

On a more serious note: @_CG_Thibaud Thanks for all the care you handled the CG community, and wish you good luck in the upcoming stage of your professional life!


We didn’t talk that much but you were there during many hours of fun I had with CodinGame over the past few years. Good luck in your new adventure!


Very best of luck to you @_CG_Thibaud ! Going back to dev work/something else within the industry or undecided? Either way, make the most of the break in between :slight_smile:


There is no doubt that you made this community. The codingame forum and chat are worth engagement and made safe because of your passion and dedication. Thank you for these years Thibaud.


I always thought the avatar was from Inferno , a 1994 video game.

I’m not into words or people, so i copypasted this:
“Let his name be recorded in every place of honor. Let him take the law he served so well to those who have it not. Let him be written in our hearts and our memories forever”.

I think it’s nice. Good luck whatever you do.


Thank you and best of luck @_CG_Thibaud !


The news hit me by surprise yesterday, all the best for your future.

When you say, you were the ally of the community, I believe you. While you were the one who had to sell the bad news, I sometimes had the impression that you weren’t happy about it either (reading between the lines, you always stayed professional enough not to say so).

Let me close this with an anecdote:
When community contributions with the SDK were still in development, I managed to get 2 of mine approved on a weekend - probably unintended by you as the upload of new SDK contributions was disabled. I was expecting to get it deleted on Monday. But it was still up on Tuesday. And on Wednesday you sent out a newsletter featuring the release of the SDK and the 2 new games. You had all right to get mad and take action about me tricking the system. But you kept calm.
Edit: the image link broke over the years, but I could still find the email

Thank you for being our community manager for so long, I always saw you (along with a few others) as the face of CodinGame.


You will always be remembered for your passion and hardwork towards a more inclusive community. The day “girls who code” collaboration was announced greatly brightened my mood. It gave me hope and strength that Codingame woke up to the modern day opportunities to redirect its future to a better community.

I could detail many great moments over the years, there were ups and downs of course, but the community wouldn’t be in the state it is without you! What a great job you did! Be proud of it and own it!

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Chat down, now you leave ? Ouch, I have the feeling that it will be hard to be heard from now on… Maybe we were too hard on you sometimes, as you were the manager, but we do like you. Sad to hear that you’re leaving, and I hope the next CM will be as cool as you, if possible !

Good luck in your next adventures.

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Thank you for having been CG spoke person towards the community and also our spoke person towards CG. You were sometimes bearer of the bad news and sometimes we may have had the feeling we have not been heard. On a personal note, the few times we had to interact, you always answered quickly and professionally. So, I thank you for all you did for the community and I wish you best success for the your next job. I hope we will meet again on future contests.


Thank you very much for all of your hard work. We haven’t spoken much as I’m really quiet person, but I’ve always appreciated that people had someone to talk to and you’ve always tried to resolve all of those stressful situations. All the best to you and enjoy your rest! :slight_smile:

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I’m sad I didn’t finish clash of bits before you leave :persevere:. Thanks for everything you did for the community, and good luck Thibault !

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Good luck on your journey and thanks for all the great memories. You really made this community incredible!

Thanks for the personal note you wrote on paper, after a community stream, and posted to me with some stickers. It really makes me happy :slight_smile:

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@_CG_Thibaud I feel like you really contributed to making the CG community enjoyable and bring it to the next level. I really liked how you were always available to discuss and answer questions. I wish you all the best for the future!

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Thank you all so much for your kind words. I appreciate it a lot :face_holding_back_tears:

@eulerscheZahl ahah I forgot about this. I didn’t see it as tricking the system. I trusted you and you had created top quality contributions which seem to be appreciated by top players so it was enough for me. And to be fair, the product updates for game contributions were probably a bit chaotic at that time.

You probably don’t realize how much you and other top contributors were precious to me and CG (remember how you created Ocean of Code from @G-Rom 's prototype in a few days with @Illedan?) Thank you all!

@darkhorse64 it’s true it’s been difficult some times to be the bearer of bad news. Sometimes, as a player, I did not entirely agree with the decisions we took, and still I had to go along with them. It’s part of the job and the realities of a startup business.

I’m pretty sure I’ll take part in the Fall Challenge 2022, whenever it happens. And this time, I’ll be allowed to win :upside_down_face:

@Astrobytes I think I’ll stay in the tech industry but I’m not sure of the position yet. If anyone would like to stay connected, feel free to add me on LinkedIn

My avatar pictures Mira Han from StarCraft II. Not that I’m particularly fond of the character, but I’ll keep it for sure. I’ll most probably changed my username to TwoSteps though