Feature update: chat rework

We are building a new chat!

Today we are proud to publish a prototype for our home-made chat client, integrated to CodinGame.

Why we are doing it

  • The current chat is a web IRC client. To stay polite, let’s say it doesn’t fit with the look and feel of the platform. Besides, we have no control over it and thus cannot repair it if it breaks, nor improve it
  • Building our own chat will allow us to integrate it more within the platform, and integrate cool new features
  • The new chat is now linked with your CodinGamer account, so it can display (for now) avatars and provide efficient private messages
  • We want a chat that can evolve into a nice communication tool, while keeping features such as allowing CodinGamers to connect from an external client

What is coming (besides winter)

The new chat that is released today is only a prototype. Basically, it implements the features of the former chat client. We’re working on adding cool features for you to easily be able to:

  • Exchange on a specific language
  • Chat with your friends
  • Invite people to Clash of Code
  • Do many more stuff…

Stay tuned for next updates :wink:


Please note that you can still use an external (XMPP) client such as Pidgin or Gajim to connect to the chat.
Instructions on how to do this are available in the FAQ.

EDIT: As you may have seen, we’re having trouble with this feature at the moment. But we’re working on it and will fix it asap :slight_smile:

EDIT Works again for good now. Sorry for the inconvenience

Is it working atm?
Because I only see an empty window with “general” in the top left corner.
(Or maybe coding gamers are all resting :slight_smile: )

I actually have the same issue as you @jyro . On FireFox, but on Chrome it works. Working on it!

It seems like i’m not able to configure pidgin to connect to the new chat. I’m not going to let a codingame tab always opened in my browser to see the chat. So for the moment i stay on the old irc channels.

Any way to undock the chat into a separate window? (like before)

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Just to add something, is it possible to close the chat as before ? My eyes are always attracted when a new message pops.


Can we really? I’ve yet to hear from someone who managed to. I know I, for one, failed.

Win 10 - Chrome Up-to-date:

  • No sounds when someone pings/slaps/pm me :’(
  • Can’t press ‘TAB’ several times to navigate through the autocompletion.
  • Can’t close the chat.
  • Links are not clickable.
  • The list of Codingamers is not sorted.
  • Lags while switching tabs

Missing IRC feature like :

  • /query nick
  • /msg nick
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@SaiksyApo If it’s any help, that does not work with prior version of Windows ^^ (7 here).

One feature I really liked ith the previous chat was the possibility to extract the window and put the chat in a separate window. Are you planning to add this as well ?

Right now I’m also missing a different color for a tab that’s had activity since I last had it open.


Can’t close chat!!
Page keeps refreshing if I’m reading on mobile. Refresh takes it back to top of page.

I gave up reading the contest blog post after a few tries. :expressionless:

Independently from the entire chatbox, I’d like the ability to close conversation tabs. I’ve got a PM one opened by accident, clicking in the name list, and I’ve been stuck with it ever since. (for some reason, I don’t like to refresh)

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You can use /leave to close a tab

pb4608 also shared his strategy here

Devs are working on everything that has been reported, an update will come today with most of the issues fixed.

Is there any way to get the list of channels available?

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Update 2016-05-19 15:00

We shipped a new version of the client taking into account some remarks, including:

  • Ordering the list of occupants in a room
  • Notifications when someone mentions you or talks to you in private
  • Fix of performance issues
  • A small button to leave a channel without having to type /leave

External XMPP

Also, we fixed the external XMPP client issue, which is nice, this means you can now connect using the credentials given in the FAQ (when logged), and we forgot to mention that the MUC endpoint is conference.codingame.com. This means you can join general@conference.codingame.com

Other notes

  • We read your remarks on this thread, on the chat and what you send to coders@codingame.com, and we are working on an improved version of the chat client that will be published asap and address most of your issues.
  • There is no official list of channel (@Cool_Guy) but you can join any channel you want using /join. You can even join a new room and invite your friends
  • There are some performance issues that we will try to address asap

Pidgin Quick Guide

  1. Create an account: Accounts/Manage/Add…
  • Protocol: XMPP
  • Username: your numeric id. It’s the number before “@chat.codingame.com” at the bottom of the FAQ
  • Domain: chat.codingame.com
  • Password: your CG account password. Rumor has it you can pretend you forgot it and create one if your account was registered through Google+.
  • the rest is optional
  1. Activate it (tick the checkbox in the account list)

  2. Fetch the room list: Tools/Room List…/Get List. (If you’ve got other XMPP accounts configured in Pidgin, be sure to select the right one.) The server to query is conference.codingame.com

  3. The english speaking room is “general”, but don’t click Join just yet! To appear with your actual pseudonmy instead of your number, click “Add Chat” instead.

  4. Update “Handle” with your CG pseudonym.

You’re all set!

Bonus: reducing join/part noise

It’s in Tools/Plugins:

Enable it, “Configure Plugin”, tune at will.

French locale users: the plugin’s known as « Dissimulation des Join/Part ». (thx SaiksyApo, thank him by liking his post below that’s enough for now, you can like my own post if it was useful to you for a change)