Finding Sherlock: Coding Escape community event on July 7


  • the event now lasts for 24h
  • you can create and join your team by yourself (no form)

Register on the event page: Finding Sherlock

List of teams and players

Looking for teammates? Ask on Discord

The event is opened for 24 hours only but the mission should take you around 1h to complete.
It will be available on CodinGame after the event.

Event date and time: July 7 at 6pm UTC

:rotating_light: it’s not possible to register to the event after its start!


Having this even timelimited in this way is very inconsiderate of people in different time zones. I’m very interested in this event - but not 4am interested.
I’d really appreciate it if you strongly considered making it open for 24 hours instead.

It would be at 4 am in Australia, can there be a second time zone to do it?
I am very interested in the event, but it would be really hard to attend at that time.

Agreed, another Australian here :cry:
At least for the next time can it be on the weekends?

I’m considering extending the length of the event to 24 hours maximum. Our main worry with the length of the event is the possibility for players to cheat.
But since

  • there is nothing to win in this event
  • I handle the registration of teams

I guess we should be safe.

This is the first event of Coding Escape we do for people everywhere on the planet. Somehow, it’s a test!

And as you saw, everything is not ready for this kind of event. For example: the team registration. Ideally, team leaders would be able to create a team and and invite their teammates to their team, or team mates could join with some code.

For now, I’m doing it manually:

  1. All players of a team should register on the event page
  2. Only after should one person of the team fill the form to register their team
  3. I create the teams and assign players to each according to the form information

:rotating_light: Only a few teams, as defined in the forms, had all their players registered to the event. I cannot register players directly to the event.

:rotating_light: I will only assign players to teams until the start of the event. After that, there is just no way for you to join your team.

I’ll try to share the list of complete teams later.

Will the “finding sherlock”-mission still be available on after the event? @_CG_Thibaud

Thank you very much @_CG_Thibaud and all the CGTeam for this challenge special invitation :slight_smile: !

Personally, i’ll have the opposite problem : i would be locked out of my PC until 21h UTC …
→ Can i create a team in a few days, with players probably beginning the game at start time (18h UTC, i think), and join then later when i’ll be available ?

Second question : May I, or at least someone in my team, train before the event with the Escape Game Tutorial (Coding Escape) and/or others campaigns already available ?

Thanks a lot by advance for replys, please :wink:

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I don’t understand. If your teammates start around 6pm, by 9pm, they will have finished for sure.

Yes, it’s highly recommended to take the tutorial first. Solving other accessible missions can help too :wink:

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The event now lasts for 24 hours so players can find a time that work for them to play, whatever their timezone.

Also, you can create and choose directly your team in the list. It’ll be easier and will prevent players from not being able to join at the last moment if I’m not available to assign them to their team.

Before joining a team, please make sure the players are ok that you join their team. In case of abuse, you will be kicked out of the event.

Thanks a lot for your reply (Finding Sherlock: Coding Escape community event on July 7 - #11 by _CG_Thibaud), and the very good news (Finding Sherlock: Coding Escape community event on July 7 - #12 by _CG_Thibaud) of the :clap: extended time for the event :slight_smile: !
→ i would simply propose to my friends an hour compatible with all of us :wink:
=> so pleased and excited to share this coding escape event with them :smiley: :+1: !
Thanks again for your suggestions and everyone in the CGTeam working for this event :clap:

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In the updated register for event page (Coding Escape), i found that 12 programming languages (maybe more ?) will be supported …
→ Will C#, C++, C and/or Python languages be supported too ?
Thanks by advance :wink:

here’s the list of programming languages supported:


OK, Thanks again for these very good news :slight_smile: !

Hello, how I can check who is my team or not ? (to be sure everyone correctly subscribe, there is non-coder trying to join for the first time in my team - wedding-party)

Can’t wait to try it. Thank you to create this type of events!
Have a good day

Here is the list of players and teams
SH community event players - Google Sheets

Players with no nickname have their username generated. They’ll appear as empty in this list.

Is there an automatically updated version of the list? Same as above, got to make sure my non-codingamer friends have registered properly :smiley:

I’ve updated the list. I’ll send an email in the afternoon to all registered players.

Super! Thank you. I have a missing friend in my team. Can you add him please when you will add lonely players in other teams? He is on the road and cannot add himself before at least the next 2hours.
fguyot in wedding_party.
Thanks a lot. Can’t wait to play.

I’ve added fguyot to wedding_party team