Groovy gets timeouts in every clash now

Since this or last week I am not able to run Groovy in Clash of Code anymore. It always runs into timeouts, even with just the default implementation. I don’t add anything.
This does not only happen when I click on “play” within the clash, but also after the submission of my code. Always 0% finished.
Running Python works perfectly fine for me.

I am guessing on a server problem in regards to Groovy. Is this known?



I had the same problem.
it keeps running timeout even in Onboarding tutorial!

We’ll fix it asap


In the Spring 2021 competition, when testing, I often get time out. On submit, it seem to occurs even more (14 timeout on 15 play)
I guess it’s generalised.

I generally have to use CompileStatic to keep Groovy from timing out.

And how do we do that? I did try to put “@CompileStatic” in front of my class definition, but without any succes yet :frowning:

(Then, i found this post, so i stopped trying and assumed it was related to the platform)

This works for me:

import groovy.transform.CompileStatic;
class Answer {public static void main(final String[]a) throws IOException, InterruptedException {

java code



It does wonder! … I only need a way better bot now :smiley:

Thanks you

still no real solution. tried first time since about 2 month, unfortunately it is still broken :frowning:

Groovy should be working now. Sorry for the delay :frowning:

We would like some help regarding Groovy, as we miss some expertise internally. We’re using for Groovy, which pulls every possible dependency. Would some of you know what’s the minimal list of jars we need for our use on CodinGame?

I think (at least) these are optional:
xml, testing, test-unit, test, swing, sql, servlet, jsr, jmx, docgenerator, ant

unless your groovy environment needs them, e.g. ant is a tool to compile and build, which is most likely not needed by your backend but only you are sure.

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I’m not sure that it works everywhere …

i tried in golf temperature
no problem in IDE
100% failed when submit

(probably the same problem in chuck norris golf)


clash of code works fine for me now. thank you!

I was wrong. It works while clashing, but after my submit I get 0% done (althought it was working perfectly before)


I met the same issue with Scala: tests are running incredibly slow. Maybe it’s JVM related problem. But unlike Groovy, Scala tests are at least passing on submit. I had really hard experience with Groovy, optimizing every single line on easy problems, just to make it pass 100%. And still, it sometimes takes 5-10 re-submits of the same code to get it done. And this is with CompileStatic option, as @Westicles suggested. Without it, they are just all red.

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Thank you!

We’ll fix the Groovy submits as soon as possible.

Hi to all :slight_smile: !
I’d like to thanks @java_coffee_cup for his reply to @_CG_Thibaud a few days ago (Groovy gets timeouts in every clash now - #11 by java_coffee_cup),
because with your help, and all the @CGTeam who worked around …
→ now both my tests in IDE and Validated submissions works in Groovy language :+1: !
Thanks to everyone involved in resolving the environment issues.
=> Have now too fun again with Groovy coding :wink: … Thanks !

Hi @demmatze, @dwarfie and maybe @Saarjuk : did you try again this weekend with Groovy submissions ?
→ As i said a few minutes ago : now Groovy works for me both in IDE and validators :hugs: !
Isn’t it too for you ?

Indeed, it has been fixed on Friday!

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