Languages update

For the next contest, it would be fantastic to have Go 1.20 with the env var GOEXPERIMENT=arenas to enable the new memory arena support.

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Is there any movement to update to c++20?


Any chance to update PHP version to 8.1 or 8.2 ?
PHP 7.3 & 7.4 does not yet supported anymore.
PHP 8.0 will drop support at the end of year 2023.
Use recent/decent version in any language should be the minimum :slight_smile:


Use this message as a petition to update Dart language at least to 3.0.0 (or even 3.1.0) :slight_smile:

Hopefully they do a few language updates before the next competition… Hopefully they have all their languages available for the competition also, unlike the last short competition they had.

Don’t hold your breath though…

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C++20! Already GCC 11 implemented all of the core C++20 features with just a few components missing in libstdc++, and that was more than two years ago!

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As far as I can see - the site uses GCC 11.2, this is an old version.
C++ is difficult to program due to the conservativeness of the standard and the poverty of the STL.
I would like to see the current version of the compiler, it could make life a little sweeter.

I join the requests for the update of PHP language, still largely used for websites.
At less 7.4 version, which bring many interesting features. Or version still supported…
Thanks for your work !

Today in CodinGame Python 3 is 3.11.5 :smile:

# sys.version_info(major=3, minor=11, micro=5, releaselevel='final', serial=0)

@TwoSteps Seems like the FAQ could be updated?

TwoSteps has left CG for more than a year now…

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It has been asked many times, but when will the upgrade to C++20 become available? I mean it’s literally changing from -std=c++17 to -std=c++20 as the gcc version is already recent enough.


Would it be possible to add support for Java Vector API?
The feature is available in Java 17 incubator and I believe it is quite important for optimization/bot programming contests. It allows you to use SIMD instructions directly, so you don’t have to rely on compiler.

Second this and all previous Julia suggestions :slight_smile:

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It’s almost 2024 and C++20 is still not supported. Lots of people are already used to the new features. I tried setting -std=c++17 in my IDE, but even with this, sometimes it will compile for me locally and fail on CG.

Pretty sure C++ is the most popular language on the platform so the sum of frustration and wasted time for users must be orders of magnitude higher than whatever it would take to just update the compiler or at the very least the flag.

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gcc doesnt fully support c++20 yet

@Biglover: Not true. Check Compiler support for C++20 -
Everything green (except modules, which would not affect this site in any way) and it has been like this since two major releases of GCC already.
Apart from that: It doesn’t matter at all if the compiler supports any given standard fully or not. If one wants to use an advanced feature on this site, then he or she will have to check the support anyway, independent in what particular standard that feature is defined. Most other languages do not have a separate standard at all, so the language documentation is the standard. Should we ask the language implementation to be 100 % bug free (i.e. conforming to the documentation to 100%) before the language should be allowed here?
What the majority of the C++ community here seems to be saying is: C++20 is released, supported, and in common use in the industry since years now (hell, even C++23 already has decent support on latest compilers, despite not being formally standardised yet). It literally takes one single change to the compiler invocation, so PLEASE DO IT,

3 weeks to do some language updates before the next competition…

Any chance?

Latest LTS of Node and Java are Node 20 and Java 21. Please update.

Please let us have the new C#12 stuff. Way more shorthands so we can somehow compete in shortest mode.

Would love to see C# 12 with .NET 8. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: