Need your feedback: better coder profile & job opportunities


We are thinking about a way to strengthen your user profile.

There are two main reasons why we would like to improve it:

  • First of all, we want to create a better and most understandable profile that you would be proud to share with whomever you want. We also want to highlight your great achievements.
  • Secondly, we would like the profile to be easier to understand for non-tech people, specially recruiters.

Here are some thoughts:

#The profile side:
There are several metrics we can showcase in your profile: Which ones would make sense for you?

  • display you language expertise based on the number (and difficulty) of puzzles you have solved with this language.
  • display wider metrics such as “Social” (based on your interaction with the forum, the chat, etc), “Competitive” (based on your rank, contest), or “Skill name” (based on puzzle you solved like pathfinding, basics, decrypting…)
  • Add a data section you could fill : github projects, linkedin, etc

Is there any other information you would like to add to your profile?

#Recruiter side
We are thinking about a way to help those of you looking for new opportunities to connect with tech companies. Here is the idea of model:

  • when you reach a certain level (like level 10 maybe), you unlock a new page.
  • on this page you can fill additional information and add some conditions to be contacted.
  • the conditions we are thinking about are: minimum salary to be contacted (you can setup an extremely high salary if you don’t want to be contacted), location of the job you want, how much do you like your actual job (this one is not visible by recruiters. It will just allow us to sort the list of potential candidates. Those willing to change because they are not happy at work will be displayed first to maximize their chances to find a better job).
  • if your conditions match with a recruiter offer, they can connect with you.

Of course, we would love to have your feedback on this. What do you think of such a model? Would you like it? What kind of conditions are important for you?


Very good idea. My main languages (on codingame) are C++, Java and Javascript but no one can know it by looking at my profile :frowning:

For the profile side:

  1. I suggest you add a possibility to upload a formal CV in PDF or something like that so that recruiters could have it. (Please make sure though that it has some privacy settings so that it will not be shown publicly unless the person specifically wants that. This is especially important to counter e-mail collection by spammers.)
  2. Add a text field for informal biography where a person can describe him/herself for fun, add pictures etc.
  3. Add comments for profiles! It could be a social magnet with people congratulating each other on getting a certain level, reaching a certain hard-earned league, birthday greetings etc.

it’s already possible in a small extent. You can a profile picture as well as a cover. And also a tagline: it seems you are a pizza expert! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello, sorry for the picture but i think it will be more easy for you to understand what i meant.

In fact, i would like some thing like this, because, i’ve finished last in the last contest and it is not cool to see in the profil (next time, i reconsider my inscription :p) and have this on the profil will be good if we have a good rank on ancien contest. Ancien contest disponible in IA section like the pod (cool game ia) and other.

Hope that will be taken in consideration. ^^ <3<3

Sorry for the spelling mistakes.

Basically, I think it’s a good idea. But I think there’s lot’s of stuff that can go wrong here that will lead to a bloated and meaningless profile. So here’s some feedback/ideas/comments:

Please concentrate more on showing expressive numbers than on arbitrary titles. I don’t think it will improve your chances to get a job if your profile says “Very active in the CG forum” or “Successfully implemented a pathfinding algorithm to solve a puzzle on CG”. No one on the outside will know what that means exactly and they will ignore it. Having something like specific rankings (no summary like global leaderboard) for each game is more expressive: “This guy is ranked in the top 10 out of 1000 people for 5 different games” -> Universally a good thing!

Also, I think it’s extremely hard to find a good mapping from numbers to titles and at the end they will be meaningless and just take room on the profile. As an example, the current ranking titles: I have rank Guru, but I wouldn’t consider myself a Guru here, and also the other titles “Grand Master”, “Master”, “Mentor” are a very bad description of the people that have them… So either don’t throw titles around so inflationary, or leave them out completely. If everybody is a mentor, nobody is :smiley:

How would a metric describing activity in the chat look like? I assume it would be somehow based on quantity? That would be a terrible idea I think. R.I.P the chat… :slight_smile:

I liked the profile like it used to be. For me, the most important part of the profile was always the breakdown of Points to the different areas (3000 CP from contest, 2000 from Multiplayer, 3726 from puzzles,… ) and also a simple table that showed [rank / number of players] for contests. I would have liked the same table for multiplayer games (see: Request: Ranking overview for AI/Optimization in profiles)

Achievements: I think they take way too much space up in the profile right now. Maybe let everyone pick up to 3 achievements they would like to display in an achievement showcase or optionally leave them out?

The data section for github, linkedin is a good idea, simple and effective. Goes well with the bio section that’s currently there.

Generally, I would appreciate the possibility to NOT display stuff, especially if it’s an experimental new thing or a CG specific made up title/achievement.

Thanks for asking for input, I hope my comments make sense to you!


All of this sounds great! :+1:
Maybe we could also have a shorter and easier to remember URL for our profile (something like cg.shortdomain/royale)?

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But recruiters will only look for languages that they are currently using, not the ones they should be using. :wink:

Thank you all for your feedback. This is a lot for us.

We’re thinking of this very first step:

  • Moving the current profile in a tab “Activity”: the goal is to update it with the activity on all puzzles: rank, codinpoints, etc.
  • In the profile tab:
  • display the languages you use the most with an indicator depending on the puzzles you have solved (for example solving a hard puzzle with java will display a better indicator than solving 3 easy puzzles in Go).
  • display a skill section with tags (we are reworking them) with indicators (same rules as languages). For example: Basic programmings, Data structure, Algorithms, AI, etc.

For expressive numbers, this is a problem for recruiter as they often want the top 1%. So it is bad for users that can be really good but not fully active (we have some users who have solved some very hard puzzles and are not always in the top 1%).

This is a very first step and then we will improve it with other ideas (projects, more metrics…). Any feedback is welcome :wink:

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