Olymbits - Fiverr Contest

Hi CodeInGame Team,
I have a question regarding mini-game #2 Archery , so I have two questions:-

  1. The wind strength provided - 9914113315261 , is the individual numbers just wind strength, how would I know the direction of wind strength ? Should I assume it’s same for both x and y ?
  2. The problem statement doesn’t talk about the directions like outputing “UP” it will be move in y direction up, I know it’s intuitive but having there in the problem statement will help with assurance :slight_smile: .

Thanks Team, really great contest, loving it :slight_smile: .

Looking forward to your reply.

Each turn, players pick a direction, then move their cursor in by the current wind strength in that direction.

So basically for a change in y direction it will UP or DOWN and for x it will be LEFT and RIGHT ? So if wind is 9 and I am at (19,20) , then if I do LEFT, then my new location will be (10,20) ? Is my understanding correct ?

Mind the y direction is reversed in the game. DOWN is positive and UP is negative as per my experience.


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