Platinum Rift II - Your Maps

Post here the maps you’ve created for Platinum Rift II ( via the map editor ( and vote for your favorite maps in the comments with the like button. Don’t forget that a new map will be selected every week!


Bim ! My first map ! Symmetric, with paths that you will have to fight for !


:nut_and_bolt:WorldCup Qualifications Map

Resources :dollar: and AIs :man_with_gua_pi_mao: should be displayed at the bottom line of the map :sunglasses:


Hey ! My map but for the editor maybe you can find a better way to erase regions.

Hey ! my map (1)

Come on! After 18 days of fighting, our PODs need comfort!
Here, is one of the drawings that brighten up the battlefront.

Proposed start (Open to debate):

  • Isolated Cell on the right, with the same amount of platinum (6). or symetric cell on the “heart”
  • Random Platinium Distribution on the remaining continents.

=> Link of my First map
Heberger image
=> Replay WTF


Hey !
My Map:


Hey !
My Map:


Hey !
My Map:

Hey people, watch my Map for Platinum Rift II


Hey! My map

Hi All,

My Flowers Map


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Most Map links are not working fine, Mine as well!! Any hints on how to make my link work?

I think that there is a problem with all links in bold.
I understand why you added the bold style. It seems that links are not really visible without.

I’m going to change the default style of links to highlight them more clearly. In the meantime, you should remove the bold style around the link to make it work.

Well, apparently, it seems to be a bigger bug than just bold style. Some links seems to be too long for the forum. Sorry for the inconvenience, we are investigating on the problem.

The only workaround at the moment is to open the link in a new tab (CTRL+CLICK or Middle mouse click)

Here is a random map idea.

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Maybe some have a pb with the length of the URL in their browser ?
… maybe we have to use a “tiny url” here.
However with chrome it seems that all links work.

Apparently the forum does not handle correctly long links. We will update it later to avoid this kind of problems.

We have patched the map editor to generate short links (and we have updated long links of all comments to avoid the bug)

Thanks :slight_smile:

You can continue to share your ideas and vote for what you like :wink:


[Here][1] is a map for this rule. I let you improve the concept. (Release a new patch, invocoder ! 12:08 9/12/2014)
Heberger image

Edit : According to the specifications, here is a low definition Map. (157 Active Hexes)
Heberger image


The large map problem should be fixed now (refresh the map editor to have the short link version). I hope that you did not lose the link :wink: