Platinum Rift II - Your rules

Use this topic to post the rules you’ve imagined for Platinum Rift II (

Every week, we’ll choose one rule among the ones that have gathered the most votes (use the like button in the comments).



As a brand new rule, I suggest that reinforcements spawn at a “base” each time you have the money for (no islands for this rule). It imply that you can’t lose this base. Loosing it make you loose the game.

Games will looks like MOBA games :wink:


I don’t know if that is the purpose of the parameter “finale=false” but I love the idea that our pods can fly from one continent to another, like a Airport cell.

What do you think about it ? :slight_smile:

Keep codin’ !


How many rules can we post per week? :smiley:

An other one :

A fight is triggered on every zone having PODs from 2, 3 or 4 different players.
For each fight zone, a POD from each player is first destroyed. If PODs from different players are still present on the zone after this destruction, an additional POD from each player still present is destroyed. This phase reproduces itself one more time. For each fight zone, a player loses a maximum of 3 PODs per game round.

=> For each fight zone, a player loses the maximum of PODs per game round.
Ex: 4vs4 => 0vs0 after the round , same for 20vs20, 30v20 => 10vs0 …


Hi !
I propose :

  • The displacement consumes resources " platinum" to limit displacements
  • If a zone is empty but belongs to the adversary , so you can buy with twice " platium "
  • You win the "minimum platium lap "
  • Limit the number of " PODS "
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  • Sell PODs for a half of price

Interesting rules, but I don’t understand your third rule.
And it would be better to separate different rules in different posts, so we can determine on which rule a like is applied.

We need a map with 3 lanes :smiley:

That would have been be my proposal for next week ! :’( :’( :’( why do you spoil like that :’(


I propose that player pods are destroyed during round not before it.
What I mean is - if there were multiple players and they move their pods to same zones then it is impossible to tell from round information which player moved his pod to which zone (because pods would be gone). I would like to know this information so that better enemy move prediction algorithms can be developed.
Example source code should then be updated with function which calculates new zone owner and pod count in zone after receiving round information so that after function call round information is same as before implementing this rule.

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Zone Platinum production is reduced by number of pods on zone. (but can not go negative).

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I’m so sorry :’(

Please don’t inform others admins about my mistake, I don’t want to be fired :’(

There could be additionnal none constant Platinum resources spawning each round,
A pod should get to the zone to pick it up.
No Pod spawn allowed on the zone maybe.

Here is my proposition:

  • During a fight the player with the more PODs looses one less POD than the other player if the other player is reduced to 0 PODs
    exemple: Player 1 has 8 PODs on zone Z, player 2 has 6 POD on this zone
    turn 1 : 8 vs 6 --> 5 vs 3 at the end of turn
    turn 2 : 5 vs 3 -> 3 vs 0 at the end of turn (instead of 2 vs 0)

Exemple 2: Player 1 has 2 POD on a zone, while player 2 has only 1 POD
Turn 1 : 2 vs 1 --> 2 vs 0 at the end of turn

This would push players to stack PODs to attack while it’s also more intersting to disperse PODs to control more zone -> dilemma :wink:

I like this, but that would violate rules of not modifying round input

Maybe a little obvious and/or game breaking rules but here it is:

  • Set a spawn point/zone for each player
  • Player can buy pods only in spawn zone and 5 hexagon away from their captured zone.

Here an image from a game that i know that use the same system: you can only buy new tower in your respective area.


I’m a little concerned about those poor lonely pods that can’t move. We need to find a way for them to get alive.

Maybe a non moving pod that has successfuly defended a zone from a given number of attack should be rewarded and gain the ability to move.

Or maybe a pod that is surrounded only by friendly zones occupied by friendly moving pods could feel brave enough to start moving and go to fight ?

This is a war and pods need to help each others to win the battle !

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As I mentionned in the maps topic, I suggest as a new rule that we could only spawn new pods on our own hex : No teleportation allowed, we have to reach resources by feet instead of just spawning on it.

It makes sense with our homemade maps that use a lot of corridors and hardly reachable areas.


Oh yes, you’re right, i forgot !

There is something I don’t get : for the new less expensive/static POD, how can it be made without changing input/output ? Do you mean we will have only these static PODs at our disposal ?
or will you modify the input/output to add these PODs and they will be present until the end (By that I mean: will we have to take them into account for house rules ?)