Platinum Rift II - Your rules

…and if it is a draw after two matches the winner is a player who needed less moves to win.

Is it ? For real ?

Wow, that would actually make a lot of sense. @FredTreg is that the case?

No, this is only a wish from @supermassive

Then how about making it a new rule? :slight_smile: This way no matches would be “wasted”.

Although the update said it would, as far as I can see the fog of war does not affect the visibility of pods. It seems they are still given in the input for each turn, for all zones.

This should be fixed now, thanks.

OK… but now the initial ten enemy pods are not visible during the first turn, so it’s not possible to locate the enemy base.

See the owner of each zone in the first round to detect the enemy base :slight_smile:

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BTW, the rule says that fog affects only visibility of platinum and enemy pods, but it would be much more logical and constistent if also the zone ownership wasn’t visible.



Also true.

So what is in the ‘ownerId’ input for a round?
My pods went crazy :-/
But maybe they just drank too much platinumbeer…

If you don’t see a cell, the ownerID is -1, even if it’s yours. :frowning:

That does seem to be the case now… caused some consternation, I bet. It would be nice to at least see an update in the rules.

I must change strategy, and put guards on the edges of my empire …
Or something like that :smiley:

That’s because if you don’t see a cell you never know if it is still yours.

If you see your platinum income dropping, it might be a hint that some of your zones are not yours anymore… :slight_smile:

Can someone analyze this to me? I identified a strange situation between ***116-177*** rounds.

I had an area that was 50 and then went on to have 6 without my having been attacked


There’s a graphical bug we have yet to correct in which 2 pod squads, upon landing on the same hex, will stack on one another instead of merging. The game continues normally though. It is just an issue with the frame-by-frame display. I recommend debugging with speed x0.1 and Play until this has been sorted out.


The contest ends in a few hours. I have questions about final ranking procedure:
a) how many battles is going to be fought between top players,
b) how many players enters that intense-played top?

Instead using a fixed number of battles, I suggest taking into consideration the score variance. Battles should be fought until ranking positions would be stable with given confidence level. I think simple ANOVA analysis would be helpful at a first attempt.