Scrabble puzzle discussion

I have the same probleme with test number 3. Can I have the validator by PM ?


I finally find my little mistake. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey uh I think there’s a mistake in 2 : two words same value. If I refer to the values table, have has a value of 4+1+4+1 = 10 and potsie has a value of 3+1+1+1+1+1 = 0.
This would mean have is a better choice than potsie, but the expected answer is potsie… have I made a calculation error or is the expected answer wrong ?

You should return the best possible word with the given letters in the last line.

In test case 2, you are given the letters sopitez, you cannot form the word have with these.

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duh I’m a retard

All the tests passed, except the “Value better than size” submission test. It passed in IDE, I’ve debugged it, it works correct. So I don’t have an idea what to do.