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A minor improvement I’d find very helpful for the submission history: some minimal indication of the submission performance, even if it cannot be 100% significant, would be hugely helpful to hunt for that lost “gold” version that you crippled two hours ago in the middle of forty-twelve broken submissions. Maybe something like “rank X / score Y at Z% completion”.

For instance yesterday I pulled back and re-submitted what I think was a 45-rank entry from history and this morning it is ranking 60th but I can’t really tell whether it is because I pulled the wrong one or other players got better overnight. Having that information would lift all ambiguity.



I’ve had the same thought multiple times. Another option would be the ability to give a custom label (change description, submission comment, etc.) at submission time.

  • danBhentschel


came to the forums to suggest giving the submit date as primary info (timezones by the way??)
instead of the coarse timess (‘2 days ago’) presented to us at the moment.
The data is obviously already present but ‘hidden’ as popup - even somehow unreliably; i have to sometimes shake, wait, move for it to pop up…
I think this should be a trivial change.

I started noting down the performance of the PREVIOUS submit in source code comments to try and tackle the OPs problem during contests.

I find the ‘custom’ label option suggested by player_one intriguing, but that would require some ‘actual’ changes…

Any statement on the CG part to any of these issues?
I didn’t see responses in this nor other similar threads.