Since today I’m getting constant timeouts on Hypersonic.

I could tweak the time settings but as they have been working like they are for months and I’m just following the guidelines (actually 990ms first turn and then 90ms, so with 10ms margin) I guess this is tied to a recent change on your end.

Should I just wait or try to do something about it :slight_smile: ?


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The problem affects more bots, for example my C# Wondev Woman or the C++ Poker Chip Race bots of martin and Jeff, who are now at the bottom of the league.
Related discussion: language updates issues

Please check again, we’ve made some adjustments to our compile/run machines.

Hello @eulerscheZahl,

  1. The problem you are referring too in “language updates issues” is only related to plays in the IDE, not related to anything in the arena (please check full discussion with Magus).

  2. I do not know why martin and Jeff are the bottom of the league, but since we updated C++ from C++11 to C++14 some code no longer compile (especially codes of top players who use a lot of barely documented pragmas and such). Maybe this is what hit them (failed compilations are reported as “Timeout” in the game).

  3. Regarding your C# code, I do not know. Please check again today as we updated our infrastructure. If you suspect that something is still wrong, please let us know.

Keep Coding!


Actually my problem was the one described in here:


Previous version was accepting flexible array members in union, while the new one doesn’t.
I had to use the other syntax to cope with the new compiler mood.

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It turned out, that searching my enemy in the fog of war took too much time.
I did not observe any timeouts before the language update, so performance might have decreased. But the bug is on my side here for not checking the time and hoping for the best.