Titles of multiplayer ranking

As it has been reported already, the current titles awarded may not be adapted anymore to the multiplayer ranking.

Would you have some propositions for new titles to replace the existing ones (rookie-crafter-disciple-mentor-master-grandmaster-guru)?

@BenZubrow has proposed the following in another topic:

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Could you develop some more? Do0 zou simply mean they do not sound “competitive enough” or you also want to reshape with more levels / different way of ranking?

Fighting sports, why not? Or just sport in general?

Example of words (list intentionnally too long): casual, amateur, intermediate, semi-professional, professional, olympian, elite.

Another way to go could be to stick with the geek-ish tone of the site and adopt names inspired from epic games: scout, soldier, warrior, wizard, hero, god…

Anything related to real-world military (for example military ranks) would seem out-of-tone in my opinion.

I don’t see what we are talking about here. Any hint ?

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Unless I’m mistaken, the contex for the quoted post is the names of the rank titles: currently rookie, crafter… all the way to grandmaster and guru.

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Some more context:

  • danBhentschel
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Military-themed titles wouldn’t really be appropriate imho, since few of the multi contests are military-style simulations. Platinum Rift is really the only one that reminds me of war.

I like the sporting titles idea, though it’s more mainstream than I’d prefer. I’d love to have a computer geek or cyberpunk theme if only I could think of a good one. Going from “The guy who programmed his coffee maker” to “The guy who programmed HAL” is just too wordy :slight_smile:

Maybe a progression of famous computers (fictional and otherwise).

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Compelling idea, but it’s hard to come up with a definitive progression from “beginner” to “very good” when talking computers, especially when such a thing can change over time. How do Deep Blue and Watson compare? ENIAC, UNIVAC, and Cray were all super impressive at the time, but are pitiful in today’s world. To have a beginner level named “Cray” just doesn’t work.

Even so, here’s a list to mull:

Apple II
Master Control Program
Deep Blue
HAL 9000
Deep Thought

Hmm… See, it’s not really a natural progression. :upside_down:

  • danBhentschel

Ok thanks for the context. Some ideas but i don’t know what is the best:

  • Military based name : soldier, sergent, captain, commander …
  • Roman military based name : centurion, decurion, emperor …
  • Ligue based : wood, bronze, silver, gold, platinium, diamond, legend …
  • Video game based : noob, casual, hardcore, progamer …
  • Developper title based : Freelance, Junior, Senior, Tech Lead, Guru
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Animal world based:
amoeba, jellyfish, worm, insect, fish, reptile, predator, human, superhuman

I also like the idea of “guy who programmed X”, but you can really drop the “guy who programmed” part. Just like that:

light switch, coffeemaker, air conditioner, TV set, game console, desktop computer, high-power server, superclaster

i loved the current naming it is more appropriate :relieved:

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Why not two kind of titles, one for the level and another for the rank?

For the level, a nice thing would be to distinguish between languages (finding appropriate categories could be challenging). In case you master many language categories, you would be allowed to bear many titles, just Her Majesty The Queen, the Elizabeth the second, by the grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and her other realms and territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. Another less formidable example are the range level names used on the now venerable Anarchy Online MMORPG (first table with nano-tech being my old prof the best match for a dev).

For the battle rank, I think that it’s hard to avoid any kind of sport / fighting vocabulary considering the kind of challenges. Still from the AO game, there is also a parrallel naming system.

To be fair, I like them the way they are too. Guru is a great title (even if I’m not one anymore) and the others make sense. I’m just throwing stuff out there so if they do decide to change, it’s not to something I really hate.

If they do change, I suggest we apply the existing titles to the puzzle rankings somehow.


I’d say the current ranking ladder could use a few more ninjas and rockstars. Wouldn’t know how to rank them relative to one another though.

Oh, and zombie pirates obviously.

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My suggestions for progression is medieval themed:

squire, soldier, lancer, knight, champion, The One


peasant, archer, marksman, squire, cavalier, paladin

maybe mix&match between the two?

Knights look down upon peasants at their own peril!

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Now THIS is hardcore… :slight_smile:

I like The One :wink:

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I also think the current ones now really make sense.

By the way, the way titles (Master, Grand Master and so on) are worded refer to the experience of a coder, whilst they are actually only based on its ranking. Thus you can be a Rookie with more XP than a master. That’s just not consistent and adds confusion to the whole thing.

Yes, you can have a lot of “XP” by training on the puzzles. But if you did not perform well in the contests or in the multiplayer battles, which are the most difficults and competitives puzzles/games here, you would still be in a way a “rookie”. So the title is fine and I don’t see any problem with that ?

The rank names: current system is not coherent, in the real world the words “Guru”, “Master”, “Mentor” and so on refer to the experience of a person, not on its ranking among its peers.

What “XP” are we talking about ? The real one or the one you win here ? Because, yes, maybe in the real world, it refers to real experiences (while I never met someone talking about himself as a “Grand master” or as a “Guru”… Usually it’s more like “Advanced”, “Expert” or “Senior”. Maybe I met only boring people :slight_smile: ). But here it’s CodinGame, it’s not like a real word. Any title we’ll find will have a different meaning here compared to what they mean in the real world. At least now it’s “IT skill” related and widely understandable in our “geeks” community.

So, to be really meaningful, in CG rank names should be attributed according to the XP of the player, not according to its ranking.

No way. Really, the ranking, even if it still can be improved, is the best data to link to a title. I mean, just to take someone as an example, Recar clearly and unquestionably deserves the best title this site can think of, even if he does’nt have a lot of XP.

Anyway, if it has to change, maybe like Magus said, the title names could be like the leagues ? (with more layers of them)
rookie - wood
crafter - copper
disciple - silver
mentor - gold
master - platinium
grandmaster - diamond
guru - legend

Or to keep the up just like now and add paper and cardboard in the bottom
rookie - paper
crafter - cardboard
disciple - wood
mentor - copper
master - silver
grandmaster - gold
guru - legend

But I see it’s already linked to the level (10 - 20 - 30), so XP related… :sweat:

I thought also about the Judo / karate belt colors, but it seems it’s not the same order for different countries.

A long time ago, I was training on www.hackthissite.org. The titles were also “IT Related”:
Script Kiddie

Yeah… not so great.

Not easy to find ideas to change something good :sweat_smile:

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Another take: how about a title that effectively states the rank position?

The One (the best)
The Ten (belong on the top 10)
The Hundred (on the top 100)
The Thousand (on the top 1000)
The Many (all the rest)