Sopra Steria Coding Challenge

How much money are you ready to spend for those students ?

The rules can also be found here :
You just have to sell your soul, the rest is pretty standard :upside_down_face:

Just my time I think :slight_smile: not sure where this discussion might lead. Or you are talking about prizes?

That was not a joke, this kind of event are organized by CG for a fee. Don’t forget Codingame is a business, not just a cool site. ^^

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Getting off topic here.
There’s an old answer from Thibaud: Organizing Local Contests
For further questions please consider creating a new thread or message Thibaud directly.

Back to topic:
Did anyone read the contest rules? It’s announced as a multiplayer game but in Article 5 it describes scoring that’s to be expected for a puzzle contest.

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Rules are generic for all events so it can be a bit misleading. The game is indeed a variation of an existing multiplayer AI game and won’t be released after the event.

@VizGhar more information about the events we organize for companies:
For schools, I can set up private arenas of existing games. DM me if you’re interested.

Just registered !

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Access to the CodinGame Contests is prohibited for the following people:

  • Officers and employees of CodinGame or any affiliate (it controls, which controls it or under common control with it), as well as their family members (ascendants and descendants);
  • Anyone who has worked or is working on developing the CodinGame Contests, as well as their family members (direct ascendants and descendants).

I didn’t know that by making an official cg contest, I gave up on the opportunity to win prizes. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure you should understand : “Anyone who has worked or is working on developing this CodinGame Contest”

Do we know if there will be a rerun ?

Start of the challenge today! Good luck !

Apparently, it’s a no.

No rerun at the end, sorry.

Do we have the referee somewhere? I am having a hard time understand how the ghosts flee away.
In the example below, I would have expected the ghost to go up maybe a bit towards the left. Instead he goes back in a pack of 3 ghost busters…

EDIT: it would seem that the ghost gets away from the closest buster (to be confirmed), but I was mislead by the rule:

If a buster is closer than 2200 from a ghost, and this ghost is not being busted, the ghost will move away from the mean position of the near busters.

EDIT 2: What seems to work for me is to simulate the ghost as if it flees the closest buster in range. If there are multiple busters at the same minimum distance, it flees their barycenter.

Some Squid leaked the referee for the multiplayer game here.
Obviously not the same as for the contest but should give you an idea.

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@TwoSteps - few minutes after submission no matches finishes ->

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thanks for reporting it, we’ll look at it right away

EDIT: should be back really soon

There is an error in the statement and in the example program:
C’est votre premier buster […]”
This is the third buster and not the first buster.

Moreover I don’t see colored border for each buster.

For the busters, you can either:

  • use the debug mod (available in the settings),
  • add a letter (H for hunter, C for chaser, S for support) at the end of each command.
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This is not a post-mortem as my ranking does not justify it, just my two cents on the contest.

First, the subject itself. Even though it is closely related to CodeBusters, the differences (specialized busters, ghost behaviour) called for a completely different bot and I think I have only started to scratch the surface. Even though it may happen again as a semi-private contest, it will be still worth playing it.

On the event. This is exactly the kind of community event I wish CodinGame organize on an extended weekend: select a multi (people keep on delivering new ones) and gather a bunch of people around it. It does not matter if there is nothing to win and if it is slightly unfair because some people have already played it. This would be a great opportunity to learn, improve, brag and have fun with people sharing the same interests